This is me. I promise!

This is the home­page of Martin Tournoij, also known as Carpet­smo­ker and arp242 on the web.

I write about stuff on this page, oc­ca­sion­al­ly.

I can also be found on Stack Over­flow, Vi and Vim Stack­Ex­change, and a num­ber of other pla­ces. You can email me at

Latest weblog entries

PHP’s fopen() is broken

22 Apr 2017

Basic functions such as fopen() are horribly broken in PHP.

Project status badges

17 Dec 2016

Communicating your open source project’s status.

I don’t like git, but I’m going to migrate my projects to it

26 Oct 2016

I don’t like git. But I’m going to migrate my projects to it.

Some thoughts on CDNs

5 Sep 2016

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of CDNs.

YAML: probably not so great after all

4 Sep 2016

YAML looks great at a glance, but has some problems that may not be obvious at first.

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Latest code updates

Status: stable, last updated: 5 May 2017


A simple Vim plugin/package manager

Status: experimental, last updated: 29 Apr 2017


A simple and functional configuration file parser for Go.

Status: stable, last updated: 16 Apr 2017


Simple XLib program to highlight the cursor position.

Status: stable, last updated: 14 Apr 2017


Download episodes from the Dutch (formerly `uitzending gemist') − Download afleveringen van (voorheen `uitzending gemist').

Status: experimental, last updated: 13 Apr 2017


Simple wiki.

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