This is me. I promise!

This is the home­page of Martin Tournoij, also known as Carpet­smo­ker and arp242 on the web.

I write about stuff on this page, oc­ca­sion­al­ly.

I can also be found on Stack Over­flow, Vi and Vim Stack­Ex­change, and a num­ber of other pla­ces. You can email me at

Latest weblog entries

Project status badges

17 Dec 2016

Communicating your open source project’s status

I don’t like git, but I’m going to migrate my projects to it

26 Oct 2016

I don’t like git. But I’m going to migrate my projects to it.

Some thoughts on CDNs

5 Sep 2016

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of CDNs.

YAML: probably not so great after all

4 Sep 2016

YAML looks great at a glance, but has some problems that may not be obvious at first

Uninstalling Emacs with apt-get: lessons in interface design

8 Feb 2016

Lessons we can learn from apt-get’s spectacuarly surprising behaviour.

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Latest code updates

Status: stable, last updated: 3 Mar 2017


Customize Vim's start screen.

Status: experimental, last updated: 19 Feb 2017

Status: stable, last updated: 19 Feb 2017


My configuration files

Status: finished, last updated: 18 Feb 2017


Run xdg-open from Vim; re-implements netrw's gx.

Status: stable, last updated: 18 Feb 2017


Warn when using the undofile

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