Martin Tournoij

I am currently (February 2019) looking for a new challenging position to help build a neat project. I have experience with a wide variety of tools and languages. My favourites are Go and Python. I have also written programs in PHP, Ruby, Tcl, JavaScript, C, Perl, Scheme, Haskell, and Lua.

I am a Dutch citizen, currently living in New Zealand and working remote. I’m willing to consider relocating to more or less any location for the right position.

My first programming experience was when I was 13 and wanted to sort my collection of MSX games alphabetically. I don’t know which algorithm I used − it wasn’t very fast − but it worked. Since then I like to write software to solve problems and make life easier. When writing code I try to avoid verbosity and strive for conciseness. Simple is usually better − although there are exceptions.

My work attitude is to “think like an owner”; that is, to think about what is the best for the product and company and take ownership / responsibility for aspects where I think it will benefit the product. I place a high value on emotional intelligence, positivity, and empathic communication.