This is me. I promise!

This is the home­page of Martin Tournoij, also known as Carpet­smo­ker and arp242 on the web.

I write about stuff on this page, oc­ca­sion­al­ly.

I can also be found on Stack­Over­flow, Vi and Vim Stack­Ex­change, and a num­ber of other pla­ces. You can email me at

Latest weblog entries

Uninstalling Emacs with apt-get: lessons in interface design

08 Feb 2016

Lessons we can learn from apt-get’s spectacuarly surprising behaviour.

JSON as configuration files: please don’t

07 Feb 2016

Using JSON for configuration files is a disturbing trend.

Making find -exec faster

15 Jan 2015

Let’s see if we can make find -exec a bit faster.

Intercept outgoing mails in Ruby on Rails

20 Aug 2014

A simple way to do this, which just works™.

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Latest code updates

08 Feb 2016


My configuration

08 Feb 2016

My website,

07 Feb 2016


MediaWiki skin designed to be comfortably readable.

07 Feb 2016


Allows easier importing of pages from other wikis; when you load a page that doesn't exist yet it tries to pre-fill the content from another wiki.

07 Feb 2016


Add Font Awesome to MediaWiki.

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