This is me. I promise!

This is the home­page of Martin Tournoij, also known as Carpet­smo­ker and arp242 on the web.

I write about stuff on this page, oc­ca­sion­al­ly.

I can also be found on Stack­Over­flow, Vi and Vim Stack­Ex­change, and a num­ber of other pla­ces. You can email me at

Latest weblog entries

Uninstalling Emacs with apt-get: lessons in interface design

08 Feb 2016

Lessons we can learn from apt-get’s spectacuarly surprising behaviour.

JSON as configuration files: please don’t

07 Feb 2016

Using JSON for configuration files is a disturbing trend.

Making find -exec faster

15 Jan 2015

Let’s see if we can make find -exec a bit faster.

Security of Python's pickle and marshal modules

14 Nov 2014

Both of these modules come with a big warning in the documentation. Why?

Intercept outgoing mails in Ruby on Rails

20 Aug 2014

A simple way to do this, which just works™.

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Latest code updates

Status: experimental, last updated: 27 Apr 2016


DNS proxy and filter.

Status: stable, last updated: 24 Apr 2016

My website,

Status: stable, last updated: 24 Apr 2016


Display tray icon with battery status. Can also run scripts when the status changes.

Status: stable, last updated: 24 Apr 2016


Basic cleanup of your code.

Status: stable, last updated: 24 Apr 2016


Web based feed reader.

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