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PHP’s fopen() is broken

22 Apr 2017

Basic functions such as fopen() are horribly broken in PHP.

Project status badges

17 Dec 2016

Communicating your open source project’s status.

I don’t like git, but I’m going to migrate my projects to it

26 Oct 2016

I don’t like git. But I’m going to migrate my projects to it.

Some thoughts on CDNs

5 Sep 2016

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of CDNs.

YAML: probably not so great after all

4 Sep 2016

YAML looks great at a glance, but has some problems that may not be obvious at first.

Uninstalling Emacs with apt-get: lessons in interface design

8 Feb 2016

Lessons we can learn from apt-get’s spectacuarly surprising behaviour.

JSON as configuration files: please don’t

7 Feb 2016

Using JSON for configuration files is a disturbing trend.

Making find -exec faster

15 Jan 2015

Let’s see if we can make find -exec a bit faster.

Security of Python's pickle and marshal modules

14 Nov 2014

Both of these modules come with a big warning in the documentation. Why?

Intercept outgoing mails in Ruby on Rails

20 Aug 2014

A simple way to do this, which just works™.

Making FlagShihTzu work well with Formtastic

24 Jun 2014

Combine the power of Formtastic & FlagShihTzu.

Digging for hosts on FreeBSD 10

8 Mar 2014

FreeBSD 10 removes bind and with it the dig(1) and nslookup(1) utilities.

A primer on the `str` and `bytes` types in Python 3

10 Feb 2014

Python 3 handles strings a bit different.

Generate passwords from the commandline

3 Feb 2014

Many websites offer a solution for this, but many proposed solutions are dubious at best.

Creating temporary files in PHP

5 Dec 2013

mktemp() isn’t good enough; here’s something that’s (slightly) better.

Opera 11 onload bug

27 May 2011

Recent Opera versions don’t execute onload when Microsoft .eot webfonts are used.

Tunnelling SSH though a firewall with ssh -L

13 Dec 2010

Here’s a little tip on how to tunnel ssh through another machine with the -L option.

Online Unreal Tournament server browser with pcntl fork()

27 Jun 2010

Browse Unreal Tournament servers in a web browsers.

Manage Unreal Tournament cache files

24 Jun 2010

Manage Unreal Tournament 99 cache files with a Python script.

Minimal Apache configuration for subversion

18 May 2010

This is a minimal Apache configuration file for use with subversion access with SSL.

Run multiple services on one port and use PF's overload to switch between them

14 May 2010

I would like to access both ssh and a subversion HTTPS repository at my server.

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