Some of the “best” posts on Stack Exchange that I’ve observed. Poe’s law may apply to some of these.

Sometimes I feel it was a mistake to remove the ‘too localized’ close reason.
I was going to write a snarky comment here, but the snark must be proportional to the ridiculousness of what it’s commenting on, and I don’t think there’s enough snark in the world for this.
This can only be done with C♯; sorry.
enter code here
This isn’t an answer, it’s a sarcastic performance piece ridiculing the verbosity of HTML.
How strange. It works for me?!
Would vote for Hitler if I could; he was also well known for being against shit questions on Stack Overflow.
It really takes a special sort of person to ask a question in a tag wiki edit. Let’s hope the apple fell far from the tree.
Sorry, only questions about coffee are on-topic on a programming Q&A site.
We only need to be smarter than the NSA. And be cheap. Easy!
That time you posted the office prank on the internet for everyone to see. Cross-posted for bonus points.
Guess he didn’t get the memo that <blink> was removed.
Moderators get paid so poorly. They should go on strike!

And I thought Linux is only useful for getting laid. Turns out it saved marriages, too!
$ grep surgery /dev/kim | wc -l
I sure as hell hope this is a troll…