Source code for My first vimrc, a vimrc generator that doesn’t add a world of complexity.

The concept is inspired by vimconfig.com, but I wouldn’t recommend this site for various reasons (for a start it uses invalid syntax, and some options it sets are inadvisable). I did like the idea though, hence this project.

It is an alternative to spf13, vim-bootstrap, and whatnot which give new users a huge vimrc full of undocumented/unclear options.

Who not just use :help? Well:

$ wc -l options.coffee /usr/share/vim/vim81/doc/options.txt
   457 options.coffee
  9229 /usr/share/vim/vim81/doc/options.txt

Also, the help descriptions try to add a little bit more context/explanation more aimed at new users, rather than being a reference manual like Vim’s options.txt.


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