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goimport is a tool to add, remove, or replace imports in Go files.

Install it with go get arp242.net/goimport.

Example usage:

# Add errors package.
$ goimport -add errors foo.go

# Remove errors package.
$ goimport -rm errors foo.go

# Add errors package aliased as "errs"
$ goimport -add errors:errs foo.go

# Either add an import or replace existing errors with
# github.com/pkg/errors.
$ goimport -replace github.com/pkg/errors foo.go

# Try to "go get" package if it's not found.
$ goimport -get -add github.com/pkg/errors foo.go

# Print out only the import block as JSON (useful for editor integrations).
$ goimport -json -add github.com/pkg/errors foo.go

See goimport -h for the full help.

Copyright © 2010–2018 Martin Tournoij <martin@arp242.net>
This document is licensed under a cc-by 4.0 license.