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Ask for confirmation before quitting Vim.

I originally wrote this as an answer on vi Stack Exchange.

The idea is based on the “ConfirmQuit” script.

To use it you’ll need to remap keys that “quit” Vim as there’s no other way to prevent Vim from quitting. This plugin comes with the following mappings by default:

cnoremap <silent> q<CR>  :call confirm_quit#confirm(0, 'last')<CR>
cnoremap <silent> wq<CR> :call confirm_quit#confirm(1, 'last')<CR>
cnoremap <silent> x<CR>  :call confirm_quit#confirm(1, 'last')<CR>
nnoremap <silent> ZZ     :call confirm_quit#confirm(1, 'last')<CR>

See :help confirm-quit for the full documentation.

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This document is licensed under a cc-by 4.0 license.