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Allow completion of email addresses so you can use Vim as a basic “address book”.

This is useful when you use Vim to compose emails in a program such as mutt. I have the following settings in my muttrc:

set edit_headers = yes          # Edit the headers of your outgoing messages
set autoedit = yes              # Go directly to editor after pressing m

After pressing m I immediately go to Vim, and can fill out the headers myself:

From: Martin Tournoij <martin@arp242.net>

I can then use this plugin to quickly fill in the To:, Cc:, etc. fields.

Basic usage

File format

There are 3 fields in the address file. name, email address, and extra info. The extra info is shown preview window. These fields are separated by the 0x1e character. Type <C-v>x1e to insert it.

Other scripts

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